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The mission of the Transfer Articulation Bridge (TAB) is to help first generation low-income students successfully transfer to a four-year university, obtain their bachelor’s degree, and continue on to graduate school.  TAB prepares students for the academic and financial challenges in obtaining a degree and provides them with comprehensive academic advising throughout their educational career.


What services does the TAB program provide?

Via the ISED 201 Introduction to the University course, CCSF and Skyline College students:

  • Learn about SFSU’s majors, programs & services, transfer and graduation requirements;
  • Receive academic and educational support;
  • Free tutoring
  • Getting scholarships and financial aid;
  • Establish early connections to SFSU faculty;
  • Earn 3 units of elective credits towards their bachelor’s degree
  • Explore graduate school options;
  • And more!!!


How to apply:

Contact: Paul Mendez, Coordinator

Transfer Articulation Bridge Program

SFSU Graduate College of Education

1600 Holloway Ave., Burk Hall 220

San Francisco Ca. 94132

(415) 338-2899 huichol@sfsu.edu



Transfer Articulation Bridge (TAB) Program was created in 1985 in an attempt to help low-income first generation students who were not accepted for admission at San Francisco State University, take the appropriate classes at the local community college in order to meet eligibility requirements as transfer students.  TAB is unique as an institutional collaboration among a California public 2 year community college and a 4 year public university in its ability to provide comprehensive services to their students at both schools and bridge the gap that prevents many first generation students from successfully obtaining their bachelor’s degree.